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Restaurants, Bars

London… when you hear the word, it brings to mind many things. History, perhaps; architecture, culture, the monarchy. Double decker buses. Big Ben. But if that’s all you’re thinking of, you’re missing a key element of what London has to offer…the FOOD, the London Food. All over the city, you’ll find amazing restaurants serving up much more than the fish and chips folks commonly associate with the area. If you aren’t the sort who likes to wander around and try your luck, you may want to check out a restaurant guide in advance. Some to note include Square Meal, Harden’s, and the Earl of Bradford’s London Restaurant Guide, and of course many more can be found searching online. Another great way to find a fantastic restaurant if you’re from out of the area is to ask around for a local’s opinion. 

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Party Caterers

London is a party hot spot, and caterers and food delivery services are plentiful to ensure that your gathering is simple and fabulous, no matter the size or time of day. Some top catering services include:   

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Party Venues

For larger gatherings up to 150 guests, The Cinnamon Club (formerly the Westminster Library) is a lovely blend of modernism and Victorian Gothic serving contemporary Indian Cuisine. The Hospital is a redone 18th century hospital with seven floors and 13 function rooms to meet your needs, including a cinema and recording studio. Sound is a new building at Leicester Square, with an impressive stage for live performaces and monochrome décor accented with splashes of red and pink.

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Jobs in the Food Industry

• Dish Washer – While often thought of as the ‘bottom rung’ on the food service ladder, the restaurant dish washer is key to the operation. We can’t dine without dishes, after all! Qualifications for this position are minimal, as it entails using mechanical equipment combined with manual labor to clean used dishware, glassware and utensils. All that is needed is a good work ethic and physical well being.

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Government Initiatives

Eating out takes courage…after all, you’re trusting a whole team of people to prepare you a meal that meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Sadly, one or both of these standards are not met which can not only lead to an unpleasant experience but cause serious illness as well. Though there isn’t much anyone can do about quality, the UK government has taken steps and introduced initiatives over the years to ensure that proper safety and hygiene standards are maintained in all London restaurants.

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