What is Infertility?

If you've been trying to conceive and nothing seems to be happening, you may be beginning to wonder if something is wrong.

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Lifestyle and Infertility

There are several lifestyle related factors known to affect fertility that you can alter before seeking infertility treatment. Making these changes in advance will help your physician rule out these common causes and properly diagnose your condition, speeding you along on the course of your infertility treatment.

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Female Infertility

Most causes of female infertility can be diagnosed and will respond to infertility treatments. Hormonal imbalances are most common; a glandular problem can wreak havoc with a woman's menstrual cycle and even stop ovulation from happening.

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Male Infertility

Men are also subject to hormonal imbalances that can adversely affect the production of sperm and seminal fluid, leading to low sperm counts and/or defective sperm.

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Assisted Reproduction

Once you've been treated for any hormonal or physical conditions, you may still be infertile in the technical sense, but don't lose hope! There are several infertility treatments that involve assisted reproduction that may help you fulfill the dream of having your own child. IVF (in vitro fertilization) extracts eggs from the woman's ovaries which are then fertilized in a lab (by the partner's sperm if possible) and physically implanted in the uterus as embryos.

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