What are Awls?

There are many different types of awls but these hand tools all have one thing in common, they are made with a sharp metal blade with a shaped end. Some have handled to make holding and using them easier and some donít the ones you choose will be those that suit you and your tooling needs best.

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History of Awls

The first use of the awl was actually to pierce the ears of slaves so that they could be marked according to who they belonged to. They were also used in many native tribes throughout the world and in fact still are used today for these same purposes.

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Types of Awls

Here are some of the more common types of awls:

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Discount awls

Awls are not the most expensive small tool or hand tool on the market but the price can add up if you need more than one kind. That is where finding good discount awls comes in. You may want to check online for good sources of these.

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Buying Awls Online

Shopping online is always the best way to get different types of awls. No matter what kind of punch tool you need, whether it is paper awls, sewing awls or even just a punch grip you will find them all online for less than you would pay at any brick and mortar store.

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