Dress fabrics

The UK is famous for their haberdashery and dress fabrics.

It is easy to find an amazing array of fabrics available for any occasion, even special ones like weddings. In fact it is getting to be more common to find bridal fabrics, craft fabrics and dance or stage fabrics online. You can even find many fasteners like buttons and zips for low prices to go along with any of the dress fabrics that you choose to purchase.

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Vintage Haberdashery

Buying top quality vintage fabrics is something that more and more people are interested in.

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Haberdashery online

The internet is by far the easiest way for you to take care of your fabric and sewing needs.

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Care and Repair

Taking care of the dress fabrics and vintage fabrics that you have gotten at a haberdashery store is vital to the way they hold up and the way they look when worn.

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Sewing essentials

If you are going to have the finest dress fabrics and vintage haberdashery, you need to have top quality haberdashery products to go along with it.

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